Eshe Faizah is a Master Herbalist, Master Formulator, Organic Master Gardener, Kinesiologist,  Author and Mother of 4.

She attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate, Dominican Herbal College, U.S. Kinesiology Institute and worked for several Fortune 500 Health Companies during her career of knowledge gathering. She is an avid researcher, womanist and lover of cultural traditions of healing.

She is sought as an expert Herbalist for Radio, Television and Natural Seminars all over the world.  Her work with Women and families has her working with medical doctors from all over the U.S.

Her revolutionary healing tonics for Women's Womb Issues makes her a sought out expert in all corners of the globe.

After tremendous public demand, she is now teaching this Earth-Based style of "Wholistic Herbalism" to the next generation... Be a part of the change.



Meet Your Teacher

I believe that Women are Creators. We create success for everyone on the Planet.  We must use some of our Creative Power to create more for ourselves. Balance. Seeking Our Purpose. Self-fulfillment without guilt or blame.

Understanding how we plug in "Wholistically & Naturally" to our selves and our true place in the World.  How we develop ourselves for our highest good and for our families.  Completely acknowledging our  Healing Power and making it work for us.


This class will use the Power & Herbal Knowledge of Our Herbal Elders for inspiration, the Cultural Power and knowledge of Women throughout herstory, in changing their reality and the knowledge of Nature and Universal Laws to make your Life work Herbally, but also Mentally, Physically, Nutritionally and Emotionally.  All the time learning the function and use of Herbs.


This is Traditional,  Earth-based Womanist, Wholistic Herbology.

The Power of women over time, cultures, wisdom, and science, magnified into a lifestyle that will empower you.  To heal, to work successfully within the cycles & seasons of your Life.

What I Believe.

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