My Story = No longer a

My stery

When did I first discover that I had a special "sense" that was real and that was to be respected ?  


When I was 9 or 10 years old, my great grandmother, Mariah, passed away during the night...


She was the grandmother that first gave me insight into "Living with The Seasons", because we would visit her about twice per year, once in the summer and once in the Fall or Winter.  Whenever we arrived, us kids would ask for the tasty baked pies or food that we had when were at her house the last time...So, we would arrive for July 4th and ask, "Can we have some of that good Sweet Potato  Pie, Big Momma?"

And she would say, "No, baby, we don't eat that now, its' too hot, I have some blueberry pie or some melons over there..."


We would just laugh and run and wash our hands to get ready to eat, so we could have some of Big Momma's delicious food and that pie!


This happened twice per year, at Christmas, I would ask for the blueberry pie and the watermelon and Big Momma would say, "We don't eat watermelon in the winter, its' too cold, but I have some berries  "put up" down in the cellar, but just have some of this Sweet Potatoe Pie that I just  took out the oven, Baby."  Yeah! I loved my Big Momma's cooking and I remember her and my Grand Daddy Kenny sitting by the gas stove and them continually talking and Grand Daddy keeping her company while she churning out the best food in the world!


So, when I felt someone touch my toe, in my bedroom, during the night, I drowsily opened my eyes and it was my Big Momma!

I was surprised and happy!  Then, she told me that she was leaving and that everything would be alright.  Then she disappeared.

I went back to sleep, but when I got up for breakfast and noticed my Momma stiffly preparing breakfast, I went to her and put my hand on her arm and told her that know that Big Momma died and that  Big Momma had come to my bed and said, "Eveything is gonna be alright.".  


Momma looked at me kind of surprised and immediately comforted and relaxed and said, "She did?"  "Thats' good, I'm glad."

"How long have you been doing this?"  We both knew what "this" was, how long was I able to "know, feel and see" stuff...


"Oh, a while...sometimes I don't pay attention to it, sometimes, I do...", I told my Momma.


My Momma said to me..."Always pay attention to it."  Then, she continued cooking breakfast.


We didn't really talk about it again and my mother passed away when I was 18, but I got it!


Use "this" and pay attention to "this", because "this" is a gift, its' special ......


It took me a while to even understand how to move and live in connection to "this"....When I moved to California and later attended UC-Berkeley, I was surrounded by people that had developed their connections and I started taking classes outside of the University  to develop, understand, what was clearly a gift.


I took Psychic Healing and Spiritual Growth classes, attended seminars and lived in used book stores, buying books others had alread absorbed...


I participated in "Divest South Africa" student movement, met Bishop Tutu, took classes with Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Barbara Christian, Dr. Toni Morrison, and organized a Womanist movement organization, called "First World Feminist for Freedom" that produced Womanist educational Symposiums.


We did an incredible event with Alice Walker, Shree Moraga, Audre Lorde, Toni Morrison, and other Women Thought leaders of our time.  All of this was seedlings for my current ideas and passions.


More to come...